Holmes Chapel Fencing

Holmes Chapel Fencing – Offers over £1.4 Million

Exciting Sale Announcement: Holmes Chapel Fencing - Opportunity in Cranage, CREWE!

Exciting Sale Announcement: Holmes Chapel Fencing, Opportunity in Cranage, CREWE!

Flinton Blythe Land Agency is delighted to announce the sale of Holmes Chapel Fencing, located on Knutsford Road, Cranage, CREWE, CW4 8EF. This incredible site offers a vast development opportunity, spanning approximately 63,000 sq/ft.

The entire property, including both the Holmes Chapel Fencing Yard and the house with its surrounding land, is available for purchase. This comprehensive package presents a unique chance for potential buyers to acquire a prime development site.

For more information about this exceptional opportunity, please contact us at 01625315038. You can also reach out to Jake at Jake.b@flintonblythe.co.uk via email. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and explore the possibilities.